Larry faced something many never have to: dyslexia. Like many of us of a certain age, he didn’t fully understand what that meant until later in life. His book is chock-full of real-life experiences that can help other dyslexics figure out the path to becoming a professional author and speaker. Good things happen to those who steamroll their obstacles. Larry certainly did.

Jeffrey Hayzlett


Growing up in the 1960’s, in the small town of Carlsbad, New Mexico, Larry Vaughn knew he was different. While he struggled with reading and writing, he excelled at “big picture thinking.” Later, as a successful businessman in his fifties, a public embarrassment forced Vaughn to confront his language problem and learn there was a name for it: dyslexia. This unique type of brain wiring has been equally responsible for Vaughn’s greatest frustrations and successes. A big proponent of business mentoring, Vaughn has founded two premier, international business cooperatives: DSCOOP and thINK. He lives in Houston with his wife, son, daughter, and two adorable grandbabies.