Ruby Peru's freewheeling imagination enlivens her fantasy novel, Bits of String, tremendously. With a nod to Lewis Carroll, whose rabbit hole becomes her badger hole, Peru builds her narrative on an impressive array of colorful images, improbable characters, and a generous helping of charm.

John Berendt, best-selling author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Ruby Peru is a sloppy workaholic and independent operator with weird sleep habits and limited knowledge of pop culture. She drives a beat up pickup truck, and some opine she’s a little bit of a badass. Studying under Kurt Vonnegut in the eighties and David Foster Wallace in the nineties, made her want to never be a writer and instead a person who surfs, climbs, and looks cool on a motorcycle. She isn’t and doesn’t. Instead, Ruby is ready when you are to write ever more meaningful things to ponder between the covers of a book. The first novel in her own name (Bits of String too Small to Save) is available wherever you buy books. Ruby has also ghostwritten and co-written many memoirs for clients including Business Cards and Shoe Leather, with Larry Vaughn.

In her amazing debut novelBits of String, writer Ruby Peru boggles and seduces with her marvelous imagery, humor, and storytelling until you find yourself in the middle of an irresistible world populated with exotic and oddly familiar creatures–before you know it you are entwined and delighted to be so. A “must read!” for YA and adult readers alike.

Sarah Lovett, best-selling author: Dangerous Attachments; co-author Blowback, with Valerie Plame