Bits of String

Too Small to Save

by Ruby Peru

ElizabethAnn never intends to leave the safety of suburban No Oaks, but to help her eccentric grandmother escape being sent to “a home” she dares to break the space/time continuum. Fighting to build a new home in the forested dystopia of Bumblegreen, she confronts age-old rivalries between technology and magic, human and animal, cheap seduction and true friendship. This hilarious meditation on the very concept of home isĀ  illustrated in the classic story-book style..

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Ruby Peru's freewheeling imagination enlivens her fantasy novel, Bits of String, tremendously. Peru builds her narrative on an impressive array of colorful images, improbable characters, and a generous helping of charm.

John Berendt (best selling author: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, The City of Falling Angels.)

A wildly imaginative, occasionally haunting fantasy anchored by strong, evolving female characters.

Kirkus Reviews

Ruby Peru boggles and seduces with her marvelous imagery, humor, and storytelling. A "must read!" for YA and adult readers alike.

--Sarah Lovett (best selling author of Dangerous Attachments and Blowback)

illustration pen and ink. A girl being carried by a sheep dog

$1.99 for a limited time!
Amazon Indiebound Powell's bookstore