If you suffer from Hashimoto’s disease, this simple guide will help you make impactful changes to the way you eat, sleep, exercise, and manage stress–all so that you can thrive, not just survive, with a hypothyroid disorder.

Mark Pilja, certified health coach, All-American athlete, and someone who has lived with Hashimoto’s disease since childhood, offers effective guidelines to help you take control of your health and overcome hypothyroid fatigue. Imagine having boundless energy and sharp mental focus. Imagine having the body you’ve always wanted without counting calories or dreading mealtimes. Order your copy today and claim the vibrant health, energy, and vitality that are your birthrights.

Do you fight hard to lose weight and endure constant mood swings? Does your doctor insist you must feel great since your lab results are normal? The combination of aging and battling an autoimmune disease leaves millions of Americans settling for subpar health, but you don’t have to resign yourself to feeling lackluster.

This small-format handbook and its accompanying recipe ebook provide guidance on how to utilize the principles of the Paleo diet for optimum thyroid health. Here, you’ll find good foods for hypothyroidism and autoimmune disorders! Including guidance for exercise, meditation, and lifestyle, this handbook puts you well on your way to a lifetime of vibrant health, energy, and vitality, with no more fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, low sex drive, or depression.

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