Good things happen to those who steamroll their obstacles, and Larry has certainly done that! Like many of us of a certain age, Larry didn’t fully understand what “dyslexia” meant until later in life, but it never held him back. Now, he's a successful international speaker. Business Cards and Shoe Leather is a testament to his innovative mindset.

Jeffrey Hayzlett, primetime TV & podcast host, speaker, author, and part-time cowboy

Larry Vaughn, an undiagnosed dyslexic, built his career in commercial print on the principle that business thrives on cooperation, ethics, and mentoring, not competition. In his memoir, Business Cards and Shoe Leather, Vaughn details how a dyslexic’s unique mindset helped him found two international business cooperatives, DSCOOP and thINK, all while concealing his illiteracy.

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About The Book

In Business Cards and Shoe Leather, Larry Vaughn inspires with his story of becoming a successful businessman despite being functionally illiterate. Larry grew up before dyslexia was widely understood. He achieved by building relationships and working hard: qualities in keeping with his small town values. Finally, in his fifties, after a public humiliation borne of trying to hide his illiteracy, Larry taught himself to read. Business Cards and Shoe Leather speaks of Vaughn’s discovery that the dyslexic mindset actually has a lot of advantages, like the “big picture” thinking that helped Larry succeed in the cutting-edge world of digital print. Co-authored with Ruby Peru.

About the Author

Growing up in the 1960’s, in the small town of Carlsbad, New Mexico, Larry Vaughn knew he was different. While he struggled with reading and writing, he nevertheless excelled at being a young entrepreneur. Later, as a successful businessman in his fifties, a public embarrassment forced Vaughn to confront his language problem and learn there was a name for it: dyslexia. This unique type of brain wiring has been equally responsible for Vaughn’s greatest frustrations and successes. A big proponent of business mentoring, Vaughn has founded two international business cooperatives: DSCOOP and thINK. He lives in Houston with his wife, son, daughter, and two adorable grandbabies.

Praise For Business Cards and Shoe Leather: how dyslexia helped me found one of the world’s premier business cooperatives

Wow – What a read!!! As a person that also suffers from Dyslexia I could relate to the struggles and triumphs Larry had to over come. WAY TO GO!!!


Larry’s stories about how he grew a successful business while struggling with the written word illustrates how important it is to surround yourself with people who complement your weaknesses. Great read.


A book so well-written, I felt like I walked through every page with Larry. You are a fine human being, Larry Vaughn from Carlsbad, New Mexico.

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