When my sister and I were young and wild, we were investigated by the FBI for a bank burglary we didn't commit. This novel is about how much fun we would have had doing it, even though we didn't . . . or did we?

Hyperion Knight

Seeking the “criminal mastermind” status she craves, Christina gets the old gang together to pull a bank heist. She recruits her concert pianist brother Van, car-thief friend Walter, and hot ex-boyfriend Sonny. What’s supposed to be an easy little inside job turns complex as these amateur criminals attempt to go pro.

In the midst of planning a federal crime in a weekend, will the thrill of being bad draw Christina and Sonny back together? Will Van get caught and lose the fame and fortune for which he worked so hard? Or will Walter’s troubled home life be the downfall of the whole gang?

Damnable Fun is more than a page-turner heist novel, it’s damn fun fiction loosely based upon the true story of the largest unsolved bank burglary in Northern California.

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